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My husband Mitch is my hero. If not for his attention to detail, our daughter Grace would have died from retinoblastoma, a childhood eye cancer. She was 2 years old when he saw a “cat like glow” in her pupil. Within days of diagnosis her eye was removed because the cancerous tumor was sitting on her optic nerve, just ready to escape and enter her brain.

At a very low financial point in my life a friend sent me a link to a motivational video that inspired him to grow his company to nearly a half billion dollars in less than ten years.
He also added a simple statement that helped me become more successful than I’ve ever been. He said ‘I believe in you’!
It didn’t cost him a penny, yet the value that he helped bring to my life is immeasurable!

I believe in you!

At the Sabbath Services there we’re always a group of elder women in attendance- in their 70’s and 80’s. Never thought how they got there. Found out that a very quiet, unassuming congregant, Ros Natal, was their transportation guy- never looking for acknowledgment, just a kind soul, a good person as was his wife for waiting until he made a few trips before they could go home. Simple, beautiful act of kindness. I dedicated one of my early books to him because to me he was a hero.

Thank you for sharing!

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